A Global Company with a Local Approach

With offices in 15 countries across Europe, Asia and North America, you will find that being global is one of EQT’s strengths. At EQT, global doesn’t mean distant - our nonhierarchical culture and fast digital communication result in any market being just around the corner. Working for a global company means not only having colleagues from all over the world, but also having the opportunity to pursue an international career.

Teams and Different Roles

Investment Professionals

Our investment professional work to evaluate business opportunities across the world, find good companies to invest ín and help portfolio companies grow into sustainable businesses that prosper both under EQT’s ownership and future owners. 

The entry level position is as an Associate, where some of the main tasks include performing company, industry and market research, conducting financial analysis, developing valuation models and actively participating in transaction processes and portfolio company development. 

As a newly joined Associate, you will receive hands-on experience and be expected to generate ideas, have thoughtful opinions and help create value from day one. 

We rarely hire investment professionals directly from graduate school. Our Associate hires typically have 2-5 years of experience within investment banking, management consulting or a corporate function with an M&A focus. We are firm believers of diverse teams and appreciate top performing applicants with different academic backgrounds, perspectives and expertise.

Client Relations & Capital Raising

The overarching goal for Client Relations and Capital Raising (“CR”) is to raise capital from, and serve a globally diversified set of investors for each of EQT´s business lines and funds. The CR team has a broad understanding of the private equity industry, the firm´s investments and how the brand is positioned globally and follows the entire investment life cycle, including fundraising, acquisitions, value creation and exit. The team works across two functions; Coverage and Advisory.

Coverage – working here, you build and maintain long-term relationships with existing and potential investors globally. You will get to know investors and be their primary contact on performance, portfolio events and fundraising.

Advisory - as a member of the advisory team, you will work globally across all regions and business lines with the preparation and execution of all capital raising projects, including preparation of strategic analysis, investor materials and due diligence. You will also work with investor communication and events during the investment life cycle.

Central Functions

EQT has a wide platform of support and specialist functions that drive and manage the firm’s operations to improve processes and functionality. Collectively, our teams in Finance, HR, IT, Legal etc. work to support all teams globally, ensuring EQT’s operations platform runs as efficient as possible. 


Our world-class administration teams consist of office managers, assistants and receptionists. They make sure that the EQT experience for customers as well as employees is top notch, no matter where in the world you encounter EQT.

Digital Business Development

The Digital Business Development team works closely with EQT’s investment professionals and directly with many portfolio companies. The team brings high end digital expertise to the traditional buyout strategy during due diligence, ownership and exit.


Our Motherbrain team is transforming the digital way of thinking within the Private Equity industry. The core purpose of Motherbrain is to help EQT’s deal teams predict what the next success will be. Motherbrain aims to revolutionize traditional deal sourcing with a big data/AI approach. As a member of the Motherbrain team, you will have the opportunity to work and experiment with state-of-the-art data processing tools and machine learning technologies.

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Recruitment process

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Recruitment process

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Inclusion and Diversity

Diversity is essential when the vision is to become the most reputable investor and owner
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