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Independent Vetcare Limited

Independent Vetcare (IVC) is a leading veterinary services provider in Europe with more than ~1,300 clinics and hospitals across 10 European countries. The Company also operates a successful online pet pharmacy.

IVC was established in 2011 in connection with the merger of some of the most reputable pet clinics in the UK. Since then, the Company has grown rapidly through a large number of add-on acquisitions. In February 2017, IVC was combined with Evidensia, an EQT VI investment made in 2014.

IVC is headquartered in Bristol, UK and operates a decentralized model promoting clinical freedom balanced with integrated support functions such as procurement, veterinary advisors and clinical boards. With its vet-friendly culture and reputation for clinical excellence, IVC has quickly grown into the largest veterinary services provider in Europe with approximately 16,000 employees.


Market Trends and Drivers

The demand for professional pet care has increased significantly over the past years as pets are progressively considered more important family members. With IVC’s focus on high quality and customer satisfaction, IVC is well positioned to provide the best basic care and the most advanced treatments available in the market.

Investment Potential

EQT VII will apply a strategy geared towards further growth which is planned to be achieved both through increased market penetration and continued consolidation in the highly fragmented European market with IVC as the platform. Focus for IVC is to develop its position as a leading provider in terms of quality, being a driving force in improving industry-standards and to continue to provide the best care and the most advanced treatments for pets in Europe.