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E.I.S. Aircraft

With over 60 years in the aviation industry, E.I.S. is a well-established and innovative product and service provider for the high-growth segments of the aerospace market. Through the acquisition of the specialized thermoplastic producer DEVA Kunststofftechnik GmbH in 2013, E.I.S. strengthened its position as a key supplier of light-weight cabin interior products to aircraft OEMs such as Airbus as well as its tier one suppliers.

The product portfolio comprises various different cabin interior components such as window frames, light-weight separations, passenger service unit panels, class dividers and curtain headers as well as small parts made out of thermoplastic, such as brackets and connectors. In addition, E.I.S. provides line maintenance as well as cabin maintenance, repair and overhaul (industry term called “MRO”) and flight training services.

Market Trends and Drivers

Steady growth in air traffic volumes is expected to continue over the coming decades driven by globalization and rising incomes, particularly in emerging markets. New aircraft deliveries are forecasted to grow in line with air traffic volume. In addition, E.I.S.' growth prospects are supported by aircraft manufacturers' focus on light-weight products and further transition from metals to plastics in aircraft production as well as shorter retrofit cycles for cabin interior.

Investment Potential

EQT Mid Market's strategy is to support the continued growth of E.I.S. across all segments by developing and enhancing the offering to both existing and new clients. Furthermore, the business plan includes investments in operational excellence, innovations and further improvement of light-weight product solutions, which are instrumental for the reduction of aircraft fuel consumption.