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EQT VIII targets primarily control equity investments as well as significant influence investments in companies with strong market positions, significant potential for revenue and earnings growth, strong cash flows and a solid platform that can retain and attract high-quality management. EQT VIII will seek to make equity investments typically ranging between EUR 150 million and EUR 1,000 million. The geographical focus will primarily be Northern Europe and the fund will mainly focus on investments in the Healthcare, TMT and Services sectors.




进入 部门 国家 投资年份 退出年份
Facile TMT 意大利 6月 2018
Banking Circle TMT 丹麦 10月 2018
Azelis Services 卢森堡 11月 2018
Cast & Crew TMT, Services 美国 12月 2018
SUSE TMT 德国 3月 2019
Sivantos(3)(2) Healthcare 丹麦 2月 2019
Karo Pharma Healthcare 瑞典 1月 2019
Igenomix Healthcare 西班牙 6月 2019
Dellner Couplers 瑞典 6月 2019