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EQT Mid-Market Credit II

EQT Mid-Market Credit II seeks to provide flexible, long-term debt capital solutions to medium-sized European businesses, across a wide range of sectors. These businesses may be privately owned corporates seeking alternative funding to grow or be the subject of private equity-led acquisitions or re-financings.




进入 部门 国家 投资年份 退出年份
Veritas Petroleum Services (VPS) Services 荷兰 11月 2018
Metalcaucho Industrial Technology 西班牙 1月 2018
Biovian Healthcare 芬兰 6月 2018
HyTest Healthcare 芬兰 9月 2018
MediFox TMT 德国 10月 2018
Paymentsense TMT 英国 4月 2018