EQT Public Value

Targets public companies where EQT’s private equity model can be applied to drive value creation through collaborative hands-on engagement based on board representation and significant ownership

Mid Cap Investments


Board Positions

EUR 225m



investment Advisors

The EQT Public Value advisory team

The team comprises 10 Investment Advisory Professionals working out of Stockholm, Oslo and Munich. The team has vast experience from both buyout and the public markets, deep industry and sector knowledge as well as established networks in the local business communities and societies.

Leveraging the EQT platform in the public market

The EQT Public Value (PV) business segment seeks to identify investments in public companies with strong market positions, an engaged management team and significant potential for top-line and earnings growth. EQT Public Value focuses on mid-cap companies.

EQT take a hands-on approach and seeks to act a catalyst of change with a full potential mindset and high sense of urgency. Shareholder engagement is a component of the PV strategy that seeks to work closely with existing corporate bodies such as boards to help the companies reach their full potential and deliver attractive and sustainable shareholder return. 

The investment strategy of EQT Public Value leverages the same investment and value creation “toolbox” as EQT’s buyout strategies. This approach is based on a rigorous due diligence-focused approach and the utilization of the deep knowledge and resources available throughout the EQT platform, including:

  • Institutional knowledge gained over 20+ years of investing in the equity and debt of businesses across the globe. 

  • A network of over 500 core Advisors, who are used extensively throughout the due diligence process.

  • Over 700 employees operating in 15 countries on three continents, providing deep local knowledge that can only be provided by having “feet on the street” and five industry advisory teams providing sector-specific expertise.

Being an EQT Public Value portfolio company also gives access to EQT’s in-house digital and sustainability advisory teams.