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The EQT AB Group has a long-term business model founded on a promise to its fund investors to invest capital, drive value creation and create consistent attractive returns over a 5 to 10-year horizon. The Group’s financial model is primarily affected by the size of its fee-generating assets under management, the performance of the EQT funds and its ability to recruit and retain top talent.


The Group operates in a market driven by long-term trends and thus believes quarterly financial statements are less relevant for investors. However, in order to provide the market with relevant and suitable information about the Group's development, EQT will publish quarterly announcements with key operating numbers that are relevant for the business performance (taking Nasdaq's guidance note for preparing interim management statements into consideration). Q1 and Q3 announcements to include:


-AUM by segment

-% invested in Infra IV and EQT VIII

-Aggregate performance in selected funds (Infra II-IV and EQT VI-VIII)

-No. of FTEs

-Highlights on activity in period 


In addition, a half-year report and a year-end report including financial statements and further information relevant for investors will be published. Finally, EQT will also publish an annual report including sustainability reporting.

Quarterly Announcement Q1 2020

EQT AB Annual Report 2019

EQT AB’s Year-end Report 2019

Quarterly Announcement Q4 2019

Quarterly Announcement Q3 2019

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