Digital at EQT

Leveraging world-class industrial expertise has always been a part of EQT’s DNA - this does not change in the Digital Era. Those who cannot adapt to the increased pace of technological disruption will be left behind - knowing this we choose to lead. The digital team's mission is to ensure that EQT and our Portfolio Companies are Digital Leaders in their respective industries, now and in the future.

Integrated digital talent

At EQT, digital is viewed as a business driver, and we have built an ecosystem of in-house capabilities and best-in-class external partners to best execute on our Mission.

EQT’s digital team has a dual role – supporting EQT’s existing portfolio companies and pollinating the ‘EQT mothership’ with digital skills and new, more efficient ways of working. After all, we can't tell the portfolio companies to digitize unless we are doing it too.

EQT's digital mission

Leverage digital technology, ways-of-working and data to:

1. Make EQT an ever smarter buyer, owner and seller.
2. Future-proof all EQT portfolio companies and make them digital leaders in their industries and markets.
3. Make EQT’s operations and customer experience ever faster, more efficient, transparent and precise.
4. Be an active contributor in the global digital discussion and be recognized as the digital leader among peer investment firms.


Those who stay at the forefront of adopting deployable technology to power their talent will win over time – both in efficiency and effectiveness. At EQT, we practice The art of the possible, which means that we internalize the possibilities of technology and practice what we preach to our Portfolio Companies. EQT does not view Tech as a “supportive function” - it is a business driving function.

Digital business development

At EQT, we leverage our digital team and provide industry specific digital insights throughout the whole deal cycle; from Deal Sourcing through Due Diligence, Holding and Exit.

The Digital Business Development team is a global team with local leadership. The team consists of people with operational leadership experience within digital Growth and IT who are now responsible for directly advising our investment professionals and portfolio companies as well as curating a network of best-in-class EQT Advisors, consultants and tech vendors across EQT geographies.


EQT Insights - Motherbrain

World-class data scientists leveraging Big Data and Machine Learning to give EQT an edge now and for the future.


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