High-performance culture

”We are all very respectful to everyone around us and at the same time very driven and hardworking. Focus is always on the end result, without sacrificing other people – Anne V.

EQT has a passion for developing companies, and people

Being a part of EQT means being a part of a great team. For us, that is a team where everyone is excited about what they are doing, the environment they are operating in, and the results they deliver. People are EQT’s most important asset and we are proud of our high-performance culture and our world class teams. 

New employees will find that the bar is set high and that we expect everyone to contribute from the start. We encourage employees to always perform at a high level, to innovate to find the best solutions, and to support their teammates’ development as well as their own. At EQT, we believe there is always room for improvement!


Values and Culture

Over the past 20+ years, EQT has experienced rapid growth. Our high pace and ambitions lead us to consistently hire new people and make sure they become a part of our culture. 

We strive to hire and retain the best people based on performance, respect, entrepreneurship and collaboration. In addition to having outstanding technical skills, a candidates must have potential, personality and cultural fit.  From the first day at EQT, everyone are expected to contribute to our firm culture.

You will not find these values on any company wall, instead we have made them a part of our hiring process, daily operations, performance assessments and how we train and develop our employees.  

People are the key to EQT's success

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