Recruitment Process

Our thorough recruitment process is structured to find the sharpest minds with values that match EQT’s culture. The majority of our hirings therefore start at one of our trusted external recruitment partners who screens and, together with EQT’s recruiting team, selects a smaller group of individuals that we want to learn more about and connect with in a personal meeting.

During the recruitment process you will be interviewed by several stakeholders who all have an interest in getting to know you as a person, understand your potential and drive to grow with us as a firm. Don’t forget to relax, ask questions, interview us, and be yourself. 

Regardless of what position you are interviewing for, come prepared to tell your story. We want to hear about your experience, challenges and wins. Your interviewer will ask you to explain in detail what you have done in your previous roles, elaborate on the consequences of actions you have taken, and describe what has been your key to success.  

If you are in process for a role on the investment side, you will be faced with a case interview. 

Everyone who’s hired at EQT takes the same personality test. We hire on cultural fit and our personality test makes sure every new hire is aligned with our values, from the most junior role up to partner. 

Some roles requires additional tests; analytical, math, language etc. You will be informed by your recruiter if this apply to your process. 

We are constantly looking for world-class people with a passion for excellence and an interest in making an impact, but we rarely post open job positions.

If you would like to be considered for a role at EQT, you may upload your CV and contact information on this webpage or email [email protected], but please review and acknowledge our CV Privacy Notice before doing so.

If you are interested in working for one of the EQT funds' portfolio companies, we advise you to reach out to them directly.

Are you interested in our Venture Capital strategy EQT Ventures, or maybe to work in any of our VC portfolio companies? Check it out!

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