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Onboarding is fundamental to starting the employment journey at EQT on the right foot. All new employees follow a program that starts before joining EQT and lasts throughout their first 12 months. It includes e-Learning, a firm wide introduction to key stakeholders, global introduction days at our office in Stockholm, a “buddy” to show you the ropes.

Building next generation teams

Successful execution is driven by high performing teams and great leaders. If you have a passion to grow and constantly learn new things, you will thrive at EQT, where we give our people responsibility and trust early on in their career. Our teams have a mix of senior leaders and young professionals, all with different expertise but equally curious and focused on how to best optimize results.  

Business continuity relies on proficient leaders who are ready to step up at the right point in time in all parts of the organization. Therefore, it is key that we not only keep developing our high performers’ skills and qualifications, but also their executive leadership, corporate responsibility, decision making and feedback skills. 

Our people are go-getters and entrepreneurs. If you believe in something and want to realize it - make it happen! 

Career Paths

Regardless of which area you operate in at EQT, there is a growth and development plan. 

The entry level as an Investment Professional is Associate. From there you move up to Vice President, Director, Managing Director and finally Partner.

If you join any of our Central Function teams or Client Relations & Capital Raising, the path looks different depending on the function. The most common is that you start as an Associate within your field, and then move further to Manager.

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EQT Academy

Throughout your career at EQT, you will participate in courses within the EQT Academy, a learning platform where EQT employees throughout the firm receive continuous training and development. Participation in the EQT Academy provides you with the opportunity to develop and expand your knowledge and leadership skills, make decisions based on EQT’s values, and strengthen your internal network.

EQT Start: For new Associates, Vice Presidents, Directors and Managing Directors. Modeling and Toolbox training together with presentations on the work as an Investment Professional at EQT.

EQT Advanced: For Vice Presidents. It’s time to think like a leader. These sessions will increase your ability to make an impact through your communication, to create an effective team environment and to manage stressful situations.

EQT Next: For newly promoted and hired Directors. This two module training focuses on taking the step from Vice President to Director and giving you the best foundation for your new role.

EQT Accelerate: For Managing Directors. Becoming a senior leader comes with great responsibility. This Leadership training teaches you how to lead and develop effective communication skills to become an active listener and give valuable feedback. You will complete this course with the tools needed to help you continue your professional development and help your team members develop.

EQT Lead: For Partners. All of our Partners go through training on how to lead the firm and employees with values and authenticity and what it means to keep the firm energized and lead a high performing team. During a 6 months personal development program, our Partners deepen their knowledge in reflection as well as  leading themselves, others and the Firm. 

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