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Being a part of EQT means being a part of a great team. For us, that is a team where everyone is excited about what they are doing, the environment they are operating in, and the results they deliver. People are EQT’s most important asset and we are proud of our high-performance culture and our world class teams.

Different Teams and Roles

A global company with a local approach

With offices across Europe, APAC and the Americas, you will find that being global is one of EQT’s strengths. At EQT, global doesn’t mean distant - our nonhierarchical culture and fast digital communication result in any market being just around the corner. Working for a global company means not only having colleagues from all over the world, but also having the opportunity to pursue an international career.

Successful execution is driven by high performing teams and great leaders. If you have a passion to grow and constantly learn new things, you will thrive at EQT, where we give our people responsibility and trust early on in their career. Our teams have a mix of senior leaders and young professionals, all with different expertise but equally curious and focused on how to best optimize results.  

Business continuity relies on proficient leaders who are ready to step up at the right point in time in all parts of the organization. Therefore, it is key that we not only keep developing our high performers’ skills and qualifications, but also their executive leadership, corporate responsibility, decision making and feedback skills. 

Our people are go-getters and entrepreneurs. If you believe in something and want to realize it - make it happen! 

Values and Culture

Over the past 25+ years, EQT has experienced rapid growth. Our high pace and ambitions lead us to consistently hire new people and make sure they become a part of our culture. 

We strive to hire and retain the best people based on performance, respect, entrepreneurship and collaboration. In addition to having outstanding technical skills, a candidates must have potential, personality and cultural fit.  From the first day at EQT, everyone are expected to contribute to our firm culture.

You will not find these values on any company wall, instead we have made them a part of our hiring process, daily operations, performance assessments and how we train and develop our employees. 

Inclusion and Diversity

Diversity is essential when the vision is to become the most reputable investor and owner
Inclusion and Diversity

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