EQT Real Estate

Seeks to identify value-add real estate investment opportunities to apply a hands-on approach to value creation in Europe’s key cities

EUR 40-200m

Investment Range


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The EQT Real Estate Advisory Team

EQT Real Estate seeks direct and indirect controlling interests in value-add real estate assets, portfolios, operating companies and ventures across gateway cities in the UK and Europe that offer significant potential for value creation through repositioning, redevelopment, refurbishment and active asset management.

The EQT Real Estate Advisory Team comprises 25 experienced Investment Advisory Professionals working out of EQT’s offices in London, Madrid, Milan, Paris and Stockholm. The Investment Advisory Team, which has access to the full EQT network including 11 European offices and more than 500 EQT Advisors, has experience from analyzing and investing across the pan-European real estate market and has, collectively, advised on over 130 real estate projects in multiple asset classes across Europe.

Capitalize on Key Demographic and Urbanization Trends

The EQT Real Estate Team’s focus lies on identifying investment opportunities in European gateway cities with strong demographics including above-average GDP, infrastructure development and employment growth. By focusing on supply constrained submarkets within gateway cities benefiting from positive urbanization trends, the team identifies investment opportunities to create sustainable value.

The Team is constantly evaluating new real estate investment opportunities in its target markets of the UK, the Nordics, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the Benelux region by utilizing EQT’s extensive network of Advisors, knowledge from its “local with locals” approach and on-the-ground investment advisory professionals.  

Transition to core

The strategy within the EQT Real Estate funds’ investments is to support a transition to core, focusing on sustainable value creation through leveraging the Real Estate Investment Advisory Team’s “hands-on” asset management capabilities.

The Team looks for direct and indirect investment opportunities in real estate assets that offer significant potential for value creation through repositioning, redevelopment, refurbishment and active asset management.

Focus on delivering sustainable, future-proofed assets

The Real Estate Team's investment expertise is combined with EQT’s industry-leading sustainability credentials and proven sustainability framework.  This allows EQT Real Estate to navigate trends to meet the current and future needs of various constituents in the asset class including occupiers, customers, investors and local and national governments.  It is the expectation that the Team's high conviction, highly thematic investment strategies should also deliver meaningful social impact.