EQT Infrastructure

Seeks to identify investment opportunities in infrastructure businesses with potential for operational value creation in the Nordic region, Continental Europe, North America and Asia Pacific.

EUR 200-800m

Investment Range


Current Investments


Investment Advisors

The EQT Infrastructure Advisory Team

The EQT Infrastructure Advisory Team consists of around 60 Investment Advisory Professionals based in London, Madrid, Milan, Munich, New York, Paris, Singapore, Stockholm, Sydney, Zurich and Helsinki.

The EQT Infrastructure Investment Advisory Team has vast investment expertise and knowledge within the infrastructure sector, as well as established networks in the local business communities and societies. By maintaining a "local-with-locals" presence, the Investment Advisory Professionals are uniquely positioned to analyze infrastructure companies and the markets in which they are located and operate, to develop proprietary investment opportunities. The Teams’ industrial, hands-on approach, combined with an ability to see what is "beyond the obvious" in terms of operational value creation potential, are key advantages when scanning investment opportunities, unlocking their value and monitoring their development.

Exploring investment opportunities

The Team, in collaboration with the EQT Network, seeks to identify control or co-control equity investments in medium-sized infrastructure companies that provide an essential service to society, are recession resilient, have secure cash flows and ideally, offer some inflation protection. The typical equity investment opportunity ranges between EUR 200 million and EUR 800 million.

Several types of opportunities, including stand-alone operating infrastructure companies, infrastructure assets that have evolved into corporate orphans and government privatizations are evaluated by the Team. Ideal investment targets are operating companies in industries with regulated infrastructure, concession based infrastructure, market-driven infrastructure or infrastructure-related services.

When it comes to investments themes and sectors, the focus is on companies within the energy, transport & logistics, environmental, telecom and social sectors.  

Joining forces for development

Once a portfolio company has been acquired, EQT appoints a Board of Directors with a Chairperson (an EQT Advisor with relevant management background), supported by other sector/industry specialists from the EQT Network and an EQT Infrastructure partner. The Board of Directors defines and monitors strategic plans and ensures that management gets the appropriate support and resources to run the portfolio company in an efficient, responsible and accountable manner.

There is also the more informal forum called the TROIKA, consisting of the Chairperson, the portfolio company CEO and the EQT Infrastructure partner. The TROIKA works closely together on an informal and continuous basis, which provides a sounding board to the CEO. He or she can address and get advice and support on different topics such as operational or strategic issues. The TROIKA offers the portfolio company an extra supportive forum and keeps the owners updated on the business and progress. The TROIKA does not have decision-making powers and is in no way a substitute for the portfolio company Board of Directors.

All parties involved – owners, board and management – invest and contribute skills and expertise, striving towards the same goal of making the company stronger, more sustainable and well-positioned to continue to prosper also after EQT’s ownership has concluded.

The Team also monitors and analyzes the position of the portfolio company during EQT’s ownership with respect to recommending an exit. EQT is highly focused on securing a professional hand over of a strong and sustainable company to the new owner.