EQT Growth

EQT Growth explores thematic growth opportunities at the point companies are ready to scale, investing in a range of technology and technology-enabled businesses. EQT Growth partners with founders and management teams of market leading companies across Europe, unleashing their growth potential and establishing them as sustainable market leaders.

Unleashing growth in Europe's technology champions

When EQT Growth was founded in 2020, the team was united by three key beliefs: (1) that digital transformation is ubiquitous, disruptive and accelerating, (2) that doing good is good business, and (3) that Europe is creating some of the most globally innovative companies. It is this passion for technology and Europe, together with an absolute commitment to sustainability, that drives EQT Growth.

EQT Growth’s mission is to unleash growth in Europe's technology champions, while being the most reputable investors and partners to founders and management teams. It does this by exploring thematic growth opportunities at the point companies are beginning to scale, investing in a range of technology and technology-enabled businesses across Europe. EQT Growth takes a thematic approach to identifying winners, broadly focusing on companies in four sectors: Enterprise Tech, Con/Prosumer Tech, Health Tech and Climate Tech.

The fast-growing team brings together over 125 years of technology and investing experience, with deep networks in local markets and unique expertise in scaling technology companies. It is powered by Motherbrain, EQT’s proprietary AI-based Investment Platform designed for better and more efficient decision making.

Complementing the EQT ecosystem

EQT Growth seeks minority, control and/or co-control investments in high-growth companies and investments will typically range between EUR 50 million and EUR 200 million. With the creation of the Growth strategy, EQT is now one of the few private markets firms in the world with investment strategies that address the needs of companies throughout their lifecycle, from the start-up phase all the way to mature leading businesses. 

Recent investments

June 2021, UK 

Bought By Many is one of the UK’s leading pet insurance providers, providing a fairer, more transparent and digital-first insurance experience. Having in recent years expanded into Sweden and the US, Bought By Many now covers nearly half a million pets globally. The pet insurance industry has experienced tremendous growth over the past few years, driven by strong secular tailwinds such as increasing humanisation of pets and increasing sophistication of available pet care. 

In June 2021, EQT Growth led a USD 350 million fundraise in Bought By Many. EQT Growth will leverage its global advisory network and extensive local presence in the US and all major European countries to support Bought By Many’s international expansion. Following the investment, Carolina Brochado, Partner at EQT Growth, will join the Company’s board.  

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May 2021, Lithuania 

Vinted is Europe’s largest online C2C platform dedicated to second-hand fashion, with presence in over 10 markets worldwide. Vinted’s underlying market is supported by several secular tailwinds, including growing concerns around sustainability and climate change, as well as an increased focus on the circular economy, with consumers eager to make more responsible and less wasteful fashion choices.

In May 2021, EQT Growth led the EUR 250 million Series F fundraise in Vinted and the team aims to support the company and and its management by accelerating growth into new geographies and help strengthen its existing leading position across its core markets, by leveraging EQT’s strong digital and sector expertise, global platform and extensive advisory network.

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March 2021, Sweden

Epidemic Sound is a market leading platform for restriction-free music that collaborates with musicians all over the world to produce quality music that soundtracks everything from videos on social media to TV and film productions - consumers can also listen to tracks on music streaming platforms.

In March 2021, EQT Growth led a USD 450 million fundraise in Epidemic Sound, aimed at supporting furhter expansion in both existing and new markets, and accelerate customer acquisition as well as investments in the core user experience.

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January 2021, Finland

Wolt is a leading global food delivery service, operating in more than 20 countries and over 100 cities. Wolt's app allows users to browse through a range of restaurants and giving them the ability to select either takeaway, home delivery, or table services, enabling customers to order food easily and conveniently. Wolt also offers delivery of grocery and general retail items in many markets, a fast growing segment for the company.

In Janyary 2021, EQT Growth participated in Wolt’s USD 530 million capital raise and going forward, the team will support Wolt on its accelerated expansion journey and will back deeper penetration in the company’s core markets.

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