EQT Growth

EQT Growth explores thematic growth opportunities between venture capital and private equity


Investment Advisors

EUR 50-200m

Investment range

Complementing the EQT ecosystem

EQT is one of the few private markets firms in the world with investment strategies that address the needs of companies throughout their lifecycle, from the start-up phase all the way to mature leading businesses. Positioned between EQT Ventures and EQT Equity, EQT Growth is powered by Motherbrain and focused on partnering with founders and management teams of market leading companies through growth investments in a range of technology, technology-enabled, and fast-scaling industries.

Targeting high-growth companies

EQT Growth is aligned with EQT’s key investment areas such as B2B tech, Healthtech, Consumer and Impact technologies. Motherbrain, EQT’s proprietary in-house artificial intelligence (AI) system, will play a crucial role in the EQT Growth strategy in identifying trends, enabling data driven insights and work-flows, and sourcing potential investment opportunities.

EQT Growth seeks minority, control and/or co-control investments in high-growth companies and investments will typically range between EUR 50 million and EUR 200 million.

The EQT Growth team is housing deep expertise and experience with Ventures, Growth, Equity and operating backgrounds.