EQT Credit

The EQT Credit investment platform spans the full risk-reward spectrum and is currently investing across following three strategies: Senior Debt, Direct Lending, and Special Situations.


Companies Financed

EUR 7 bn



Investment Advisors

The EQT Credit advisory team

The EQT Credit Advisory Team, which acts as the Investment Advisor to the EQT Credit platform, was formed in 2008 and currently comprises approximately 40 professionals with complementary expertise in structuring and restructuring deals as well as in debt capital markets. The Team has experience analyzing and investing in the European credit markets during several periods of global financial turmoil and economic stress over the last few decades. Over this time, the team has developed a highly effective sourcing network across Europe that provides EQT Credit with access to attractive investment opportunities and ensures a strong deal pipeline. Since its inception, the EQT Credit platform has raised EUR 7 billion and invested in more than 180 companies.


The EQT Credit investment platform is currently investing three strategies:

Senior Debt comprises the EQT Loan Fund. This is an open-ended vehicle with EUR 0.2 billion in AUM as of 30 September 2019 that invests in a portfolio of large, liquid, European credits with economic downside protection. 

Direct Lending comprises the EQT Mid-Market Credit funds, which engage in direct lending activities primarily in Europe and focus on high-quality businesses with strong downside protection and an opportunity to conduct in-depth due diligence.

EQT Special Situations comprises the EQT Credit Opportunities funds. EQT’s financing capabilities within Special Situations span across facilitating balance sheet transformations, providing bespoke capital, identifying and crystallizing deep value in the secondary market and financing other special situations.

Due diligence-led approach

All EQT Credit strategies utilize the same fundamental credit analysis and transaction “toolbox”, which has been developed since 2008. This approach is based on a rigorous due diligence-focused approach and the utilization of the knowledge available throughout multiple sources, including:

  • Institutional knowledge gained over 11+ years of EQT Credit investing in the debt of European businesses
  • Sector specific expertise; and
  • A network of core Advisors, who are used extensively throughout the due diligence process.

The Team’s approach is to use its broad platform and network of Advisors to perform thorough due diligence on each investment opportunity in order to assess the relevant risks and operational sustainability of the target company. This is achieved by working in close collaboration with EQT Credit’s Advisors to enhance the due diligence process and to access potential investment opportunities. Empirical insight from EQT Credit’s Advisors can identify potential strengths and opportunities for target companies or signal difficult challenges that may make an investment imprudent.