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EQT Infrastructure acquired RTI in 2011.

RTI is a Minneapolis-based company providing edible oil management and distribution services to over 22,000 national restaurant chains, independent operators, grocery delis, universities, hospitals and other foodservice outlets. RTI operates 41 depots across the United States using a national fleet of specialized rolling stock and a sophisticated route management system. For more than 15 years RTI has helped the foodservice industry improve food quality and consistency, operational efficiency, safety, cleanliness and sustainability through the automated delivery, storage, handling and disposal of fryer oil.

In 2015 EQT Infrastructure sold RTI to Aurora Capital Group.

Key events during EQT's ownership

  • Transformed a slow growing company into a fast growing platform, increasing pace of annual customer growth by more than double
  • Increased geographic presence by adding five new depots, giving RTI access to 41 of the most populous metropolitan areas in the US
  • Developed and rolled out new products expanding RTI’s suit of services
  • RTI increased its overall customer base by over 30%, translating into over 65% growth in EBITDA