Sector: Energy & Environmental
Country: United States
Responsible Advisor:
Entry: Aug 2011
Exit: Dec 2017

Peregrine Midstream Partners is a midstream oil and gas company that owns and operates Ryckman Creek, a depleted natural gas reservoir in Wyoming, US. Ryckman Creek is directly connected to 5 pipelines providing direct access to key consumer markets.

Peregrine provides natural gas storage and related services under contracts of varying length - the facility has a certificated capacity of 53 Bcf.

In addition to revenue from storage services, Peregrine also generates incremental revenue from:

The need for gas storage depends primarily on the requirement to balance seasonal variation in production supply and consumption demand for natural gas. A fundamental driver is that natural gas is growing in significance as a resource to meet energy requirements of the US as a result of significant increases in actual gas supply and lower prices. Natural gas is also considered an environmentally friendly fuel compared to other fossil fuels.