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EQT Danmark bought Nederman AB in 1999 from Charter plc.

Nederman is a leading supplier in air treatment of working environments in industrial environments. In this field, Nederman markets products and systems for capture at source, i.e. the capture and filtration of dust, gas, exhaust and other particles directly where they arise, as well as hose and cable reels.

In 2007 Nederman was divested by an IPO on the Stockholm Stock Exchange.

Key events during EQT's ownership

  • Significant strengthening of the management team
  • Reduced complexity - reduced number of divisions
  • 9 smaller add-on acquisitions and the strategic acquisition of Norclean
  • Two production units closed to gain scale and increase production efficiency
  • Significant investment in new products
  • Geographic expansion in emerging markets
  • Entering into new customer segments