Sector: TMT
Country: Norway
Responsible Advisor:
Fund: EQT V
Entry: Feb 2012
Exit: May 2018

Fund: EQT VI
Entry: Feb 2012
Exit: May 2018

Broadnet is the largest alternative B2B Datacom provider in Norway and the only national competitor to the incumbent Telenor. The company offers a full range of data communications services across all channels and segments.

Broadnet is a combination of InFiber acquired in 2011 and Ventelo acquired in 2012, and today the Company is the leading fiber-based datacom provider in the Norwegian B2B market (~85% of sales) with ~22% market share. It also serves the B2C market through its brand HomeNet (~15% of sales). The company controls one of two optical nationwide fiber backbone networks in addition to a substantial regional and local network and owns and operates the most granular fiber network in the Greater Oslo metropolitan area. Broadnet offers fibercom services such as VPN, Internet, Ethernet and Dedicated capacity to both end-customers as well as in the wholesale market. The customer base includes some of the largest Norwegian enterprises in addition to other telecom operators and consumers.

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Key events during EQT's ownership

  • Merger of InFiber and Ventelo and the establishment of one organisation within Datacom under the brand Broadnet
  • The Voice and Datacom divisions have been separated into two separate business areas – Broadnet, providing fiber based datacom services and Ventelo providing low cost fixed and mobile voice services. The Voice business was sold in 2014, leaving Broadnet as a focused pure-play Datacom provider
  • Broadnet has been an active consolidator of the Norwegian market with 5 add-on acquisitions completed since 2012, which are highly synergistic in nature