Sector: Consumer goods
Country: Germany
Entry: Oct 2013
Exit: Jun 2019

Avenso is a market-leading multichannel player for affordable museum-grade photographic wall art. Avenso offers its products via two internationally renowned brands, WhiteWall and LUMAS, that are produced in its own award-winning photo lab.

EQT invested in the company in 2013 by acquiring a majority stake from its founders, who kept a minority stake. The company is headquartered in Berlin, Germany and is comprised by the two key brands WhiteWall and LUMAS.

WhiteWall is a market-leading photographic printing brand with museum-grade quality, serving art enthusiasts, professional photo experts and corporate customers via a network of approximately 10 local web shops and  10 showrooms. WhiteWall is the only market player offering fully customizable high-end wall art products with a focus on large format prints.

To WhiteWall

LUMAS is a market-leading multichannel retailer for museum-grade, curated photo artworks and contemporary art. LUMAS has approximately 40 galleries in 17 countries and 20 local web shops, offering a broad range of artworks from more than 250 artists. The artworks are available in hand-signed, mostly limited editions from 75 to 150 prints that cater to an increasingly global target audience of art enthusiasts and corporate customers.


Board of Directors

Fredrik Åtting Board member
Marc Appelhoff Board member
Dr. Oliver Pabst Board member

Key events since EQT investment