Zemax is the leading global provider of optical and illumination design software.

Founded in 1990, Zemax enables its customers to more efficiently and accurately design optical components through its physics-based optimization and design software. Zemax helps companies achieve a qualified design more efficiently by streamlining the workflow and communication between optical and mechanical engineers. Zemax Virtual Prototyping tools include OpticStudio®, the industry-leading optical design software, and LensMechanix®, a unique application that allows mechanical engineers to package optical systems in CAD software. Zemax allows its customers to improve optical performance, get to market faster and reduce both production and development costs. Zemax’s software is used to develop a range of products including space telescopes, augmented reality glasses, LIDAR in autonomous vehicles, smartphone cameras and biomedical imaging devices.

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Market trends and drivers

Zemax has a track record of strong organic revenue growth benefiting from favorable secular market growth trends combined with the Company’s market leadership position, strong brand awareness and industry-leading ease of use. Zemax benefits from increased use cases for lighter, smaller and flatter precision devices as well as well-funded areas of innovation such as virtual reality and autonomous vehicles that drive secular market growth.

Investment potential

 Under EQT’s ownership, Zemax will continue to grow and improve as a leading provider of optical engineering software. EQT’s value creation plan for Zemax is focused on go-to-market optimization, driving sales execution and continued product enhancement.

Societal contribution

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Board of Directors

Todd DeLaughter Chairperson
Arvindh Kumar Board member
Walid Abu-Hadba Board member
Peter Schmitt Board member
Jennifer Lynn Dearman Board member


Swaminathan Subbiah CEO
Jeff deCillia CFO