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Utimaco is a leading provider of professional cyber security and compliance solutions

Utimaco develops hardware-based, high-security appliances (hardware security modules) and compliance-driven solutions for telecommunication providers (lawful interception and data retention). The company has strengthened its position as a leading global niche player over the years, providing a highly customizable product portfolio to a broad range of customers. It is headquartered in Aachen, Germany, with subsidiaries in the US and Italy and further presences in UK and Singapore.

To Utimaco

Market trends and drivers

Both segments of Utimaco’s activity benefit from favorable underlying market fundamentals due to growing cyber security requirements in an increasingly digitized world. In lawful interception and data retention, the expected healthy growth is mainly driven by new telecommunication channels and network technologies. In the market for hardware security modules, demand is expected to grow at double digits thanks to accelerated digitization and the growth of Internet of Things applications.

Investment potential

Value creation going forward mainly lies in accelerated organic development, driven by growing market demand and an innovative product portfolio catering to both existing as well as new application markets. International expansion with focus on North America and an active, structured pursuit of add-on opportunities and partnerships are further pillars to reach the full potential of Utimaco. The implementation of the long-term strategy is supported by a strong Board of Directors with highly relevant sector and geographic experience.