Unilode Aviation Solutions, formerly CHEP Aerospace Solutions, is the global leader in pooling, management, maintenance and repair of unit load devices (ULDs) for the aviation industry. The company owns and manages the world’s largest independent fleet of approximately 125,000 ULDs and owns the largest global network for maintenance andrepair of ULDs and galley carts.

Unilode was established in 2011 following the acquisition and integration of four leading ULD solutions companies. Through subsequent acquisitions, the Company has become the global leader in pooling, management, maintenance and repair of ULDs for the aviation industry. Unilodeis headquartered in Zurich and owns and manages approximately 125,000 ULDs, and serves more than 90 airlines across an unparalleled network of 50 global services centers and 480 airports, supported by over 600 expert team members.

ULDs are containers and pallets used for transportation of cargo and baggage on passenger and cargo aircraft and constitute a mission critical part of the aviation infrastructure. Unilode'scustomer base consists primarily of passenger and cargo airlines, which use ULDs under long-term contracts.

To Unilode Aviation Solutions

Market trends and drivers 

The outlook for global air traffic is positive with steady long-term growth of 3-4% per year expected. This is driven by substantial growth on Asia-related routes and above-GDP growth in developed economies. Aircraft fleet growth is directly tied to these drivers and supports the demand for ULDs and related services that Unilode provides to the airline industry.

Outsourcing of ULD ownership and management by airlines has strongly increased over the lastdecade and is expected to continue growing in light of airlines’ efforts to outsource non-core activities. Outsourced ULD management provides a strong value proposition to customers, primarily through significant cost and investment savings as well as operational efficiency improvements, while customers can focus on the core business of flying passengers and cargo.

Together with one other provider, Unilode Aviation Solutions represents the vast majority of the outsourced ULD management industry, which is characterized by intact entry barriers and high stability.

Investment potential

Unilode Aviation Solutions has a proven business model with a sound and unique value proposition to airline customers. The business provides essential assets and services in a time-critical and complex aviation environment, with no substitute product available.

The business plan calls for continued growth with the company’s healthy customer base, offering ULD pooling and management to more blue-chip airlines around the globe, achieving operational excellence, expanding into adjacent business areas and driving technological development for instance through a proprietary Bluetooth-based track & trace solution that can lead to lower unreported and lost rates and higher visibility within the supply chain.

Societal contribution

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Board of Directors

Peter Nilsson Chairperson
Ulrich Köllensperger Board member
Vagn Sørensen Board member
Robert Milton Board member
Ludwig Bertsch Board member
Christian Bubenheim Board member


Benoit Dumont CEO
Roger Wyss CFO
Babak Yazdani COO
Don Jacobs Director Sales, Marketing & Account Management