Nordic Aviation Capital (“NAC”) is the world’s largest regional aircraft leasing company with more than 28 years of experience and proven track record of consistent year on year profitable growth.

NAC provides leasing and lease management services to airlines and aircraft investors worldwide. Aircraft are purchased in the primary and secondary markets and NAC is the largest regional fleet owner and aircraft lessor in the world.

Through a focused strategy on turboprop aircraft and regional jets combined with strong in-house technical and commercial skills, NAC has been capable of delivering impressive top- and bottom-line growth by having strict focus on efficient portfolio management, strong relationship to OEMs and ability to meet the need for flexible and innovative financing solutions for regional aircraft customers across the world.

NAC has a global customer base of more than 70 airlines in 50 countries and has evolved from a one aircraft business to a market leading enterprise with almost 500 aircraft and 200 employees operating across 5 locations globally.

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Market trends and drivers

NAC operates in a growing market supported by healthy underlying drivers with limited cyclicality due to 1) underlying air travel growth 2) focus on regional routes which are generally less cyclical as limited infrastructure alternatives exist and 3) increasing leasing penetration.

Investment potential

EQT’s value creation plan is focused on expanding NAC’s market position within turboprops and in the regional jet market. Further, EQT will focus on deepening the financing capabilities and relationships further to enable access to additional pools of capital by diversifying its funding sources.

Societal contribution

The icons illustrate the portfolio companies' positive societal contributions based on their solutions i.e. how their products and/or services solve key challenges expressed as the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

NAC DAC Board of Directors

Rodney Sheridan Chairperson
Philip Bolger Board member
Patrick de Castelbajac Board member
Justin Bickle Board member
Martin Cooke Board member
Paul O'Donnell Board member
Patrick Blaney Board member


Patrick de Castelbajac CEO
Morten Mikkelsen CFO