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itslearning is a leading international provider of a pedagogy focused cloud-based Learning Management System (LMS). itslearning supports teachers and students to manage the learning process, create multimedia resources, and share work and information online.

itslearning was founded in 1999 and is based in Bergen, Norway. The company is the market leader in Norway and Denmark and has leading market positions in Sweden, the Netherlands, France and the UK as well as footprint in the US. itslearning's LMS platfrom is developed to act as a hub for distribution of digital learning materials and to enable efficient collaboration between teachers, students and parents, including best practice sharing, use of learning modules, upload assignments and assessment communication.

itslearning has its headquarters in Bergen and Boston as well as offices across Europe.

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Market Trends and Drivers

itslearning’s key markets are expected to exhibit strong growth in years to come supported by increasing adoption of LMS systems driven by the increased usage of technology in education, digitalization of educational content and the need for increased effectiveness and productivity in schools.

itslearning is primarily focused on the kindergarten to twelfth grade (including primary and secondary schools) where the adoption of LMS systems exhibits superior growth rates. The other market segment where the company is present, yet with a smaller share of revenues, is Higher Education (including universities and colleges).

Investment potential and development roadmap

The key investment attractions of itslearning were its highly regarded brand and products and the company’s local team in combination with a global network. The product platform is also highly scaleable with a high share of recurring revenues and the underlying market growth and dynamics being favourable in general.

The development plan for itslearning includes to further strengthening market share in key markets like the Nordic region, executing on the promising opportunity in the US market and further improve sales force efficiency.