ILA Vietnam is a leading premium English Learning Teaching (ELT) service provider in Vietnam. The company offers overseas study consultancy, teacher training services and corporate English training.

An early pioneer in the premium English Language Teaching (ELT) industry, ILA has a well-established reputation and a history that goes more than 20 years back. Today, ILA has over 22,000 ELT enrollments across Vietnam, and in addition offers overseas study consultancy, teacher training services and corporate English training.  ILA strives to be at the forefront in delivering high quality and up-to-date programs to its students across Vietnam.

To ILA Vietnam

Market trends and drivers

The ELT market in Vietnam is highly attractive and fast-growing with significant potential given the current low ELT penetration compared to other developing countries such as China and Brazil.

Rising demand for high quality ELT services in Vietnam across all age groups is driven by the lack of quantity and quality in English lessons in the public school system, the trend for students to study abroad/in international schools, increasing the importance of English proficiency in the workplace and the growing household disposable income in Vietnam.

Investment potential

EQT Mid Market is excited to support the continued growth and development of the company through enhancements of the academic product offering, learning experience and environment, and network expansion, by leveraging on EQT’s experience and network globally.

With its existing brand equity, centre footprint and enrolment base, ILA is well-placed to expand into new business adjacencies, such as Mid-priced ELT, childcare / enrichment and test prep, and to develop beyond ELT to become a multi-service education platform in Vietnam.

Societal contribution

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Board of Directors

Tom Collin Chairperson
Brian Chang Board member
Kwok Cheong Lee Board member
Bill Fisher Board member
Dzu Tran Board member


Dzu Tran CEO