Idealista is the leading real estate classifieds player in Southern Europe

Founded in 2000 and headquartered in Madrid, Spain, idealista supports real estate agents and private individuals across Southern Europe by providing an online real estate classifieds platform, where they can advertise their property portfolios in exchange for a recurring subscription fee.

Idealista holds leadership positions in Spain, Portugal, and Italy.

Idealista’s platform is aimed at both private and professional advertisers and matches supply and demand but does not intermediate in the negotiations nor transactions established among the parties.

Additionally, idealista carries out other adjacent activities related to the real estate value chain such as operating an online platform for holiday rental advertisements, online advertisement, mortgage brokerage, CRM software for real estate agents, insurance brokerage, and data analytics services for the real estate market.

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Market Trends and Drivers

Idealista’s business benefits from favorable underlying market trends and drivers (esp. digitalization of advertising / content as real estate agents move from offline to online marketing) and strong network effects. Online Classifieds have shown resilience throughout recent crises which has reinforced the online channel as an overall means for real estate agents to reach their customer base.

Investment Potential

Idealista is the market leading real estate classifieds company in Southern Europe. EQT is focused on further strengthening idealista’s position in Iberia and improve its position in Italy by successfully integrating into idealista Italy. Idealista’s unique market position coupled with huge brand awareness and continuous increase in “top of mind” will allow idealista to continuously drive content and traffic leadership. EQT will also support the management team in further diversifying its revenue stream and grow in real estate online classifieds adjacencies.

Societal Contribution

The icons illustrate the portfolio companies' positive societal contributions based on their solutions i.e. how their products and/or services solve key challenges expressed as the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Key events since EQT investment

In November 2020, idealista Italy closed the acquisition of, the joint #2 real estate classifieds player in Italy.


Board of Directors

Bert Janssens Board member
Jesús Encinar Chairperson
Marc Stilke Board member and Lead Director
Alex Collins Board member
Beatriz Gonzalez Board member
César Oteiza Board member


Jesús Encinar CEO
César Oteiza COO
Fernando Encinar CMO
Marta Suarez CFO