Nordic value-for-money home provider with a market-leading presence in Denmark and presence in Sweden.

HusCompagniet is a market leader in the single-family brick-house market in Denmark and has an attractive market position in Sweden. By combining a concept of trademark quality, a first class consumer brand and customer focus, HusCompagniet has raised the number of delivered houses rapidly resulting in increasing market shares. The Company operates with a unique asset-light business model, collaborating with a distinct group of sub-contracted construction professionals to deliver quality houses at industry leading delivery times. The Company was established in 2006 through the merger of Interbyg and FM-Søkjær.

EQT VI acquired HusCompagniet from FSN Capital III in 2015.

To HusCompagniet

Market Trends and Drivers

The development of new single-family houses in Denmark and Sweden is a key market driver for HusCompagniet. The single-family housing segment is the most attractive area in the construction industry.
HusCompagniet’s unique market position and differentiated business model are well positioned to capitalize on the single-family housing trend across regions and markets.

Investment Potential

EQT VI foresees a potential to continue gaining market share in Denmark. In addition, the Swedish market will be further penetrated as it represent an interesting growth potential for HusCompagniet. The strategy also includes organic initiates in Denmark as well as the new B2B business within semi-detached houses

Societal contribution

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Board of Directors

Mads Ditlevsen Board member
Claus Hemmingsen Chairperson
Anja Eriksson Vice Chairperson
Ylva Ekborn Board member
Steffen Baungaard Board member


Martin Ravn-Nielsen CEO
Mads Winther CFO

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