GlobalConnect is the leading alternative fiber-based data communication and data center services provider in Norway, Denmark and Northern Germany. In total, the company operates approximately 42,000 km of fiber and 18,000 sqm of data center space, used to offer a full range of communication infrastructure services including bandwidth connectivity, colocation and cloud infrastructure to a range of businesses.

GlobalConnect was created through the combination of the Norwegian company Broadnet and the Danish company GlobalConnect in the fall of 2018. The combination created the leading Northern European fiber-based datacom provider and supplier of cloud enabling infrastructure. The combination also strengthened the combined company’s product and service offering in driving digital transformation for both B2B and B2C customers, providing a solid platform for accelerated investments in new technologies and continued fiber and data center rollout.

Acquired by EQT Infrastructure in May 2018, Broadnet controls over 24,000 km of fiber in Norway through its nationwide back-bone and metro network, connecting more than 90 cities across the country. The company has become the front-running independent fiber-based datacom provider in the Norwegian B2B market, also serving the B2C segment through its HomeNet brand.

GlobalConnect, acquired by EQT Infrastructure in February 2017, is the leading alternative provider of fiber-based B2B data communication services as well as the largest Danish data center provider. The company operates 16,000 km of fiber network and 13,000 sqm of secure co-location space in Denmark and Northern Germany. The company plays a key role in the digital infrastructure value chain as approximately 50% of all Danish internet traffic passes through its extensive fiber network.

Market trends and drivers

The market environment is characterized by global technological developments including the digitalization megatrend, increasing IT outsourcing and cloud application adoption, driving data volume growth in fixed fiber networks, mobile backhaul as well as data center usage.

As a result, the growing enterprise demand for secure high-performance and data storage solutions, leads to opportunities for fiber network providers and suppliers of cloud enabling infrastructure. Additionally, the number of mobile sites and share of fiber connections is expected to grow to address the increasing mobile IP traffic demand.

Investment potential

The investment thesis is founded on solid infrastructure characteristics, based on the provision of a mission critical infrastructure to businesses and consumers and benefiting from a high share of recurring revenue in a non-cyclical underlying market. Further, GlobalConnect owns a unique and well-invested fiber network, and serves a market experiencing strong tailwinds and where entry barriers are high.

Value creation levers circle around acceleration of fiber build-out to capture large portions of the underlying market growth in Northern Europe. In addition, there is value creation potential in enhancing the value proposition, focusing on operational excellence, expanding into on-top services and pursuing strategic add-on acquisitions.

Board of directors

Per Morten Torvildsen Chairperson
Daniel Perez Board member
Odd Christopher Hansen Board member
Vagn Sørensen Board member
Steve Midgley Board member


Martin Lippert CEO
Jacob Kjær CFO

Key Events