Forsta is a leading provider of insight and analytics software and services to enterprise customers and market research agencies.

In 2021, FocusVision merged with Confirmit, to form Forsta.

Forsta is the only integrated provider of customer insights solutions for both enterprise and market research agency customers, providing both qualitative and quantitative insights and analytical tools. With operations in the US, Europe and Asia, Forsta can serve its customers on a global basis.

Forsta provides Quantitative research (including Surveys & Reporting), Qualitative research (including Digital Qual & Live Video and Video Insights) and Voice of the Customer / Voice of the Employee research solutions, enabling its customers to derive actionable customer insights on a holistic basis.

Quantitative provides a proprietary software platform enabling online and mobile survey programming, testing, and real-time reporting, analytics, and data visualization. Qualitative provides a do-it-yourself platform for qualitative research, video streaming, software tools for video management and analytics, and support services. Voice of the Customer / Voice of the Employee collects customer and/or employee feedback from various sources, analyzes it, and delivers insights to develop the customer or employee experience.

Forsta is headquartered in London and New York with additional offices in California, Oregon, Vancouver, Stockholm, Oslo, Grimstad, Moscow, Yaroslavl, Bulgaria, Singapore and Sydney.

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Market trends and drivers

Technology enabled services for insights and analytics is part of a large, growing, and non-cyclical market with positive underlying trends. Strong market growth is driven by need for faster and deeper insights and shift from traditional primary research to more technology enabled methods.

Investment potential

Forsta is uniquely positioned to help its customers assess a goal, audience, or market given the breadth and depth of solutions. EQT has supported Forsta’s continued investment in technology and software solutions enabling rapid innovation of the company's product suite. EQT has also supported further investment in the sales organization, marketing department, and internal operations.

Societal contribution

The icons illustrate the portfolio companies' positive societal contributions based on their solutions i.e. how their products and/or services solve key challenges expressed as the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Board of Directors

Jorgen Smidt Chairperson
Hajo Krösche Board member
Doug Gilstrap Board member
Kristin Luck Board member
Pål Malmros Board member
Uli Beckmann Board member
Henning Hansen Board member


Kyle Ferguson CEO
Chris Nagy CFO