Fiberklaar is a Joint Venture with Proximus, the largest Belgian telecom operator, to build a fiber-to-the-home network for at least 1.5m households and small businesses in the Flemish region of Belgium.

Fiberklaar was founded in 2021 by EQT Infrastructure and Proximus to design, build and maintain a FTTH network that will be open and accessible to all operators. Deployment will take place exclusively in Flanders and focus on the suburban areas of the region. The JV Partners are committed to supporting the company in creating a best-in-class roll-out machine to ensure that fiber connectivity can be offered to households from as early as 2021.

To Fiberklaar

Market Trends and Drivers

Belgium is one of the most attractive growth markets for fiber in Europe as the penetration rates are significantly lower than in other European countries. Specifically, in 2019 only 7% of Belgian households had access to an FTTH internet connection compared to 77% in Sweden and 45% in the Netherlands. At the same time demand for bandwidth is expected to continue increasing strongly driven primarily by rising data volumes and the growth of use cases such as video streaming and remote working.
Enabling future-proof and reliable broadband access thus becomes more and more important and the JV will make an important contribution to facilitating digital inclusion and sustainable economic growth.

Investment Potential

Fiberklaar is committed to roll out a large-scale, open access FTTH network that will provide fiber connectivity to at least 1.5 million households and small businesses in the Flemish Region of Belgium. The company will be able to leverage the unique combination of EQT Infrastructure’s vast experience from developing strong fiber companies in Europe and North America and Proximus’ unrivalled expertise in the Belgian telecom market. Fiberklaar will drive network utilization on the back of superior infrastructure offering and favourable speed-independent pricing available to all service providers.

Societal contribution

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Board of Directors

Marco Visser Chairperson
Gleb Kozyritskiy Board member
Ronny Verhelst Board member
Geert Standaert Board member
Guillaume Guevar Board member
Renaud Tilmans Board member


Rik Missault CEO
Nathasja van Bael CFO