Ellab is a leading global supplier of solutions and services for validating, measuring, recording, and monitoring critical parameters of thermal applications. The company employs approximately 350 people worldwide with sales in more than 70 countries, serving a blue-chip customer base.

Ellab is a leading validation manufacturer and service provider within temperature, pressure and humidity applications for the pharmaceutical, medical and food processing industries. Ellab’s mission is to increase consumer safety by providing solutions for measuring, recording, monitoring and validating critical parameters of thermal processing in applications, where accurate and complete documentation is essential.

Founded in 1949, Ellab has become a leading global supplier of solutions and services for thermal validation and monitoring solutions. The company offers a wide range of high-precision and modular systems based on data loggers and thermocouple-based wired instruments. In addition to its equipment offering, Ellab offers a user-friendly software which is integrated with Ellab validation equipment, calibration and validation services, rental of equipment and training of personnel.

The company employs approximately 350 people worldwide with sales in more than 70 countries, serving a blue-chip customer base including some of the largest pharmaceutical and food companies globally.

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Market trends and drivers

The global addressable market for validation- and monitoring equipment and services is a fast-growing market across geographies, driven by underlying global macro trends such as increasing regulation, rising focus on consumer safety, Industry 4.0, services outsourcing penetration and growing demand from pharmaceutical and food processing end-markets. Further, the market is non-cyclical given the mission-criticality of thermal validation and the associated regulatory requirements, and further has high formal and informal entry barriers, such as relationship-driven sales models and high switching costs.

Investment potential

When acquired by EQT, Ellab had been growing profitably at double-digit growth rates for 15 years. This had been enabled by an entrenched leadership position in the growing niche market for thermal validation and monitoring, supported by strong underlying and non-cyclical macro trends. During the ownership, EQT will support the continued global growth of Ellab through an array of organic growth levers. Specifically, these constitute refining Ellab’s go-to-market model in the US and Europe, continuing to devote significant resources to the company’s R&D and innovation efforts, advancing the company’s digital presence, and expanding the as-a-service offering.

Societal contribution

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Board of Directors

Bo Risberg Chairperson
Rikke Kjær Nielsen Board member
Claus Bjerre Vice Chair
Niels Erik Olsen Board member
Sarah Newbitt Board member
Stephanie Luscombe Thomsen Board observer


Peter Krogh CEO
Jacob Bryde Christensen CFO