Dorner is a US-based leading global provider of purpose-built, high quality precision conveyor systems utilized in process automation operations to enhance productivity, quality and profitability throughout the production process.

Dorner provides the broadest portfolio of precision conveying systems in the industry, designed to address customers’ mission critical conveying needs. The Company commands a strong growth profile due to favorable underlying automation trends combined with an array of high-quality product offerings sold through multiple channels. Dorner is the US market leader in its core industrial automation product lines, in which it provides precision conveyor systems used for light and medium duty material handling applications across a variety of end markets. Additionally, the company has a leading position in its sanitary product line, in which it is one of two providers that offer USDA-certified conveyor systems, primarily used for applications which require sanitary material handling capabilities in the food & beverage and pharmaceutical markets. Dorner has a strong brand name and a reputation for innovative engineering, evidenced by leading performance across customers’ key purchasing criteria and high customer satisfaction scores. The Company has over 300 employees and is headquartered in Hartland, Wisconsin, with additional offices in Canada, Mexico, Germany and Malaysia.

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Market Trends and Drivers

Dorner operates in an attractive market which is experiencing strong structural growth with the continued implementation of precision conveyor systems due to a desire for increased productivity, safety, waste and cost reduction and speed to market. Additionally, third party manufacturers of precision conveyor solutions such as Dorner are expected to experience above-market growth, driven by the increasing share of third party manufacturers versus in-house fulfilment given reductions in internal engineering staff and growing project complexity.

Investment Potential

EQT Mid Market US is excited to support the continued development and growth of Dorner, both domestically and internationally, including through additional investment in its salesforce, targeted marketing spend and a continued push for best-in-class operational execution. Acquisitions of complementary products will also be pursued.

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Board of Directors

Per-Erik Lindquist Chairperson
Kasper Knokgaard Board member
Fred Thiel Board member
Bernard McPheely Board member
Sarah Newbitt Board member


Terry Schadeberg CEO
Ron Vick CFO