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Data Intensity

Data Intensity is a leading independent managed services provider for enterprise applications, databases, business intelligence solutions, and analytics.

Data Intensity's mission-critical application and database managed services help its customers increase the value of their enterprise software and improve the efficiency of critical business processes. Data Intensity cost-effectively supports the full scope of a customer’s enterprise data, making their most critical applications and data manageable and actionable. The Company manages more than 3,000 application instances and 10,000 databases across multiple IT environments including on-premise, private cloud, public cloud, and hybrid cloud.

Data Intensity focuses on enterprise applications and databases including ERP, financials, procurement, supply chain, CRM, business intelligence and reporting. The Company is currently the largest Oracle outsourcing partner, providing functional, technical and engineered system capabilities.         

Data Intensity is headquartered in Bedford, Massachusetts with approximately 615 employees and operations in the U.S., U.K., Europe, Australia, and India.

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Market trends and drivers 

Data Intensity operates in a large, growing, and fragmented end market still in the early stages of outsourcing. The managed services industry expects continued growth as customers look to reduce the total cost of ownership for their most critical applications and focus on core competencies.

Investment potential

EQT Mid Market US is excited to support the continued growth and development of Data Intensity, both domestically and internationally, by helping the Company expand its portfolio of services, enter new markets and incorporate new service-oriented tools and technologies to capitalize on industry growth trends.