Cast & Crew is a leading provider of software and services to the entertainment production industry.

Founded in 1976 and based in Burbank, California, Cast & Crew provides solutions that simplify and automate complex processes for companies and productions in the entertainment industry. Its software products and services assist in the areas of payroll & human resources, accounting & financial and workflow & productivity.

Cast & Crew’s software products and services have supported the production of some of the highest-grossing films and music tours of all time, Emmy award-winning television and digital streaming programs, commercials for many of the most well-known brands, Tony award-winning Broadway shows, major sports and live event venues and many of the most highly attended music festivals.

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Market trends & drivers

Cast & Crew benefits from secular growth within entertainment production driven by the proliferation of media, increasing content richness and steady wage increases. In recent years, spending on entertainment production has accelerated as studios and new digital entrants increase their investment in original and high-quality content. Growth in production spend is a long-term megatrend and Cast & Crew is uniquely positioned to benefit from increasing spend amongst production studios.

Investment potential

EQT will support Cast & Crew in its next phase of development as the Company focuses on accelerating product and service expansion in current and new verticals, while continuing to provide best-in-class service to its customers. Moreover, EQT will leverage its local European presence and extensive Industrial Advisor Network to accelerate the Company’s international expansion, initially focused in Europe.

Societal contribution

The icons illustrate the portfolio companies' positive societal contributions based on their solutions i.e. how their products and/or services solve key challenges expressed as the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Board of Directors

Kasper Knokgaard Board member
Mason Slaine Chairperson
Eric Belcher Board member
Hawk Koch Board member
Rick Simonson Board member
Clare Hart Board member


John Berkley CEO
Sally Knutson CFO

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