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Apleona is a leading European real estate management services provider and no. 1 in DACH region with a focus on integrated facility management services based on a technical edge

Apleona provides technical facility management services, complemented by infrastructural and commercial facility management as part of an integrated facility management offering.

With its more than 20,000 employees Apleona is active in more than 30 countries with a focus on and leading positions in Europe – particularly DACH, UK and Italy.

The broad customer portfolio includes commercial and industrial clients, financial institutions, as well as investment companies and the public sector.

EQT acquired Apleona in 2016 during a close carve-out process with the seller Bilfinger. Formerly it was part of the Bilfinger SE conglomerate firming under the segment name Bilfinger Building & Facility.

Following the carve-out, Apleona has since disposed several non-core subsidiaries, including the turnkey construction business in Germany and the real estate advisory business GVA in UK.

To Apleona

Market trends and drivers 

The European real estate services sector is a promising market, which is set to benefit from the growth rate of outsourced real estate services. The trend towards an integrated service offering to customers and the increasing customer requirement to consolidate management services on a national / pan-European level further drives Apleona’s focus markets.

Investment potential

Focus going forward lies on further strengthening the facility management services offering across its growing European platform leveraging the strong technical capabilities of Apleona and on achieving a leading European position in digitalized operations and offering. The plan is to expand Apleona’s already strong platform by organic growth as well as via acquisitions, taking an active part in consolidation.