Aldevron is the leading global supplier of plasmid DNA used in cell and gene therapies.

Founded in 1998 by Michael Chambers and John Ballantyne, Aldevron is the leading global supplier of GMP, GMP-SourceTM and Research Grade plasmid DNA used in commercial, clinical and research stage gene therapies, as well as proteins, antibodies and mRNA. The company’s mission is to develop and manufacture biologics at the highest quality that help make meaningful changes worldwide, and its custom development and manufacturing capabilities enable scientists to develop groundbreaking new therapies. Aldevron is based in Fargo, North Dakota and has additional operations in Madison, Wisconsin and Freiburg, Germany. The Company employs approximately 500 people worldwide and serves approximately 5,000 clients, including leading academic and research institutions, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.

To Aldevron

Market trends and Drivers

Aldevron supplies critical materials and key components used in cell and gene therapies, a new category of therapies that addresses currently unmet medical needs. The cell and gene therapy market is experiencing explosive growth driven by a large and expanding pipeline of new potential therapies as well as favorable regulatory support.

Investment Potential

EQT will help advance Aldevron’s innovation and growth efforts as the Company continues to support the rapidly growing field of genetic medicine by providing a critical input for the development of new life-saving therapies. EQT will also support Aldevron with investments in additional production capacity at its Fargo campus, furthering the Company’s position as a key employer in North Dakota.

Societal contribution

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Board of Directors

Michael Chambers Executive Chairperson
Eric Liu Board member
Sheri McCoy Non-Executive Chairperson
Chris Coughlin Board member
Jeff Huber Board member
Mark Carter Board member
Ethan Liebermann Board member
Kevin Ballinger Board member


Kevin Ballinger CEO
Shawn McCormick CFO