IP-Only is a fast-growing independent provider of high capacity fiber-based data communication to consumers and enterprises in Sweden. IP-Only owns and operates high-capacity fiber network infrastructure.

Founded in 1999, IP-Only today owns and operates ~16,000 km fiber-based network infrastructure that, together with leased lines, covers 230 out of 290 Swedish municipalities. Around SEK 12 billion has been invested in IP-Only’s network infrastructure over the years. The Company connects more than 200,000 homes and serves more than 3,000 companies.

To IP-Only

Market trends and drivers

Data traffic and demand for fast internet access is increasing rapidly due to the proliferation of high quality on-demand video and content streaming, cloud services, video conferencing and IT outsourcing, and is expected to continue to grow at a high pace making continued conversionto fiber technology inevitable.

The Swedish government is supporting these megatrends and the digitalization of our society with its broadband strategy where one goal is that 98% of total households should have fast broadband access by 2025.

Investment potential

IP-Only provides essential communication infrastructure to consumers and businesses. The acquisition of IP-Only was based on the company’s growth potential as a stand-alone business but also on the opportunity to use IP-Only as a platform for add-on acquisitions to grow in Sweden and abroad.

EQT Infrastructure will continue to support the development of IP-Only and the realization of its full potential. This will entail a continued focus onnetwork growth, commercialization of the Company’s extensive fiber network assets as well as operational and digital excellence. Within the Consumer segment, the key priority is to continue delivering on existing network expansion and densification plans.

The Company also has a large remaining potential in addressing the approximately 40,000 business locations on- or near-net and further development of its customer proposition within the Enterprise segment.

Board of Directors

Eric Elzvik Chairperson
Masoud Homayoun Board member
Marco Visser Board member
Per Morten Torvildsen Board member


Frida Westerberg CEO
Åsa Agerman CFO