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Charleston pursues a buy-and-build strategy in the German nursing home market. It currently operates approximately 4,000 stationary care beds in 46 facilities in Germany.

Market trends and drivers

The German nursing care sector is characterized by predictable growth of the number of people in need of care, which results from ageing population and long term socio-economic trends. Moreover, demand for nursing services demonstrates low correlation with economic cycles as alternatives to nursing care are limited. The regulatory environment in Germany has proven to be very stable.

Investment potential

Charleston’s investment rationale is founded on favourable and predictable demographic developments driving growth of the German nursing care sector. Nursing homes are backed by a stable regulatory regime providing good visibility of cash flows, while broad public and political acceptance of private investments creates attractive long-term opportunities for quality-focused operators. Charleston grew by acquiring and integrating a portfolio of high quality nursing homes with strong market positions.

Today, Charleston is a leading mid-sized operator of 46 nursing homes with 4,000+ beds providing stationary care services in predominately own nursing homes. In addition to the stationary services, Charleston also operates 4 ambulant care services, 5 daily care centers and approximately 140 assisted living beds.

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