EQT Foundation

Acting as guardian of EQT values and pushing the frontiers of impact

EQT Foundation owns 1 percent of EQT AB and will use its ownership to retain long-term influence in EQT AB via a seat in its Nomination Committee and its dividends and donations to push the frontiers of impact. The foundation acts as a guardian of EQT Values and provides a learning platform for EQT employees to work closely with impact entrepreneurs from across the world.

EQT Foundation builds on the values, thematic investment expertise, and entrepreneurial spirit of EQT and support early-stage solutions that will contribute to a more inclusive and cooler tomorrow.

EQT Foundation is structurally independent from EQT and is managed by the EQT Foundation Partners’ Committee, a setup to maintain the partnership feeling after the public listing where partners at EQT with a deep and long-term commitment to support and build EQT may be invited to the Committee, as part of their career development at EQT.

Partnering with impact entrepreneurs

EQT Foundations support early-stage ventures and non-profit organizations enabling impact entrepreneurship, leveraging EQT's digital expertise and AI/Machine learning platform Motherbrain to source entrepreneurs from across the world. EQT Foundation aims to find and elevate vital innovations by crowding in other investments from its network. 

In deciding on what entrepreneurs to support, the following is evaluated: 

1. Potential of having a significant positive impact towards building a more inclusive and cooler tomorrow

2. A proposed or developed disruptive solution, rather than a marginal improvement of an existing process

3. An area or sector where EQT's expertise and Network can be leveraged to help the entrepreneur succeed 

Grants and Investments 

Bill & Melinda Gates, COVID-19 Thereaputics Accelerator
Grant: 1M Euro, May 2020

Molecular Attraction 
Grant: 50K Euro, Dec 2020  

Living Carbon 
Seed-stage Investment, Jan 2021 

Seed-stage Investment, Feb 2021


Cilia Holmes Indahl, Head of EQT Foundation

Board of Directors

The activities performed by the Board of Directors on behalf of EQT Foundation is performed without individual remuneration.

EQT Foundation Partner's Investment and Grant Committee


Cilia Holmes Indahl appointed Head of EQT Foundation

Reports and policy plans

EQT Foundation policy plan (pdf)


EQT Foundation
Stiftelsen EQT Foundation, Reg. no. 802481-2821.
Address: c/o EQT AB, Box 16409, 103 27 Stockholm
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