EQT Foundation

In June 2019, EQT Foundation was set up, a foundation with the purpose of hosting and driving EQT’s global philanthropic efforts. EQT Foundation’s objectives are aligned with its efforts with EQT’s purpose, values as well as mindset of making a positive impact with everything it does.

EQT Foundation holds around one percent of the shares in EQT AB (representing an endowment of SEK 1bn as of November 2019) and it will be a long-term shareholder with the right to appoint a member to the nomination committee of EQT AB.

The purpose of EQT Foundation is to use the proceeds generated from dividends it receives from EQT AB shares as well as other donations for the furtherance of the mission of creating a more inclusive tomorrow and pushing the frontiers of societal impact.

EQT Foundation is structurally independent from EQT and is managed by the EQT Partnership Association, a non-profit association whose members comprise certain Senior Partners at EQT. Although the EQT Foundation will be able to take advantage of EQT’s capabilities and brand to amplify its overall impact.

Due to its recent incorporation, EQT Foundation has not yet carried out any activities. As soon as any activity is carried out, it will be published on this page.


Cilia Holmes Indahl, Head of EQT Foundation
Press Release: Cilia Holmes Indahl appointed Head of EQT Foundation

Board of Directors
EQT Foundation is a foundation under Swedish law (Sw. stiftelse) with no owners or members. Instead its activities are overseen by the EQT Partnership Association. EQT Partnership Association is a non-profit association under Swedish law (Sw. ideell förening) and the Board of Directors in EQT Partnership Association sees to it that EQT Foundation is run in accordance with its statutes as well as statutory requirements.

Board of Directors in EQT Partnership Association consists of:

The activities performed by the Board of Directors on behalf of EQT Foundation is performed without individual remuneration.

Reports and policy plans

EQT Foundation policy plan (pdf)
EQT Foundation Annual Report (Swedish)


EQT Foundation
Stiftelsen EQT Foundation, Reg. no. 802481-2821. Address: c/o EQT AB, Box 16409, 103 27 Stockholm

[email protected]

EQT Partnership Association
EQT Partnership Association, Reg. no. 802524-5864. Address: c/o EQT AB, Box 16409, 103 27 Stockholm