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Long-term Perspective

EQT has a long-term ownership approach and stands by the portfolio companies in good times as well as bad. The decision to hand over the portfolio company to a new owner is taken once the development plans have been accomplished. Typically, EQT owns a portfolio company between four and eight years. On average, EQT’s ownership period has been 4.7 years.

There are typically three ways to hand over a portfolio company to a new owner:

  • Initial Public Offering (IPO) – floating part or the whole of a portfolio company on a public stock exchange. EQT often stays on as a substantial owner for a period of time
  • Trade Sale – selling the portfolio company to an industrial buyer
  • Secondary Buyout – selling the portfolio company to a financial investor

For EQT, Trade Sale has been the most common route followed by Secondary Buyout and IPO.

Charts show the aggregated statistics of the investments made by EQT since inception.

All statistics are based on transactions closed by 31 March, 2019. The EQT Credit Funds and EQT Ventures' investments are not included in the statistics.

Exit by type

Holding period