Specialist Functions

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Name Business Line Title Country
Almefelt, Lena Legal General Counsel Sweden
Arton, Imogen Real Estate Financial Controller Sweden
Buch, Rickard Communications Communications & PR Director Sweden
Burnäs, Patrik Fund Operations Group Head of Fund Operations Sweden
Callerström, Caspar Central Management COO and Partner Sweden
Chong, Jason Central Management CFO EQT Asia Pacfic Hong Kong
Edlund, Alexandra Human Resources Head of HR Real Assets Hong Kong
Garnes, Oddgeir Digital Managing Director Digital Norway
Geier, Helmut Private Equity Head of Research Germany
Hallberg, Carl-Magnus Digital Managing Director Digital Sweden
Henriksson, Kim Central Management CFO Sweden
Hernell, Olof Digital Chief Digital Officer Sweden
Hindfelt, Mattias Digital CIO Sweden
Holtenius, Nina Human Resources HR Director Sweden
Horne, James Real Estate Finance Associate UK
Lennehag, Therése Sustainability Head of Sustainability Sweden
Lindberg, Magnus Treasury Head of Treasury Sweden
Logvinov, Misha Digital Managing Director and Head of IT Strategy US
Lorenz, Sebastian Digital Managing Director Germany
Lutz, Alexandra Digital Head of Digital Growth, US US
Nornholm, Nina Communications Head of Communication Sweden
Pantzar, Magnus Tax and Structuring Global Head of Tax and Structuring Sweden
Patel, Jay Real Estate Financial Controller UK
Raghavan, Nisha EQT Exeter Managing Director/CFO UK
Richards, Steven Real Estate Finance Director UK
Segerberg, Gustav Business Development Head of Business Development Sweden
Shindleman, Andrea Real Assets Head of Business Control for Real Assets Switzerland
Siempelkamp, Bettina EQT Network Director Global EQT Network Germany
Sjöcrona, Magnus Compliance Global Head of Regulatory & Compliance Sweden
Tompkins, Ruth Human Resources HR Director UK
Törnkvist, Sven Digital Head of Digital Business Development Sweden
Wahlström, Anna Human Resources Global Head of Human Resources Sweden
Weiderholm, Petter Digital Global Head of IT Strategy Sweden
Wroblewski, Daniel Digital Head of Engineering Sweden