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EQT Infrastructure I

EQT Infrastructure I made control or co-control equity investments in medium-sized operating infrastructure companies that had, or had the prospect of, strong, reliable, protected cash flows and significant opportunities for value creation. The equity commitments typically ranged between EUR 50 million and EUR 250 million.

Commitments by region

Commitments by Type


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Company Sector Country Entry Exit
Adven Energy & Environmental Finland Jan 2012 Jan 2016
Koole Terminals Transport & logistics Netherlands Feb 2011 Dec 2015
Midland Cogeneration Venture Energy & Environmental United States May 2009 Dec 2012
NORD Energy & Environmental Denmark Jun 2010 Jan 2015
Parkia Transport & Logistics Spain Jul 2011 Sep 2016
Peregrine Midstream Partners Energy & Environmental United States Aug 2011 Dec 2017
Tampnet TMT Norway Nov 2012 Mar 2019
RTI Energy & Environmental United States May 2011 Apr 2015
Swedegas Energy & Environmental Sweden Feb 2010 Mar 2015