EQT Mid Market Europe

EQT Mid Market Europe targets control or co-control investments in high-quality, medium-sized companies in Northern Europe (including the Nordics, DACH and the Benelux) with attractive value creation and growth potential. EQT Mid Market Europe seeks to make investments in companies with an enterprise value between EUR 100 million and EUR 300 million. The fund demonstrates EQT’s capability to combine the firm’s global multi-product platform and the “local with locals” approach with offices across the world and the specialist skills of EQT’s industrial network.

Commitments by region

Commitments by type


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Company Sector Country Entry Exit
TransIP TMT Netherlands Aug 2016
Sep 2017
Fertin Pharma Healthcare Denmark Jan 2017
Utimaco TMT Germany Jan 2017
Adamo TMT Spain Dec 2016
Open Systems TMT Switzerland Jun 2017
Epidemic Sound TMT Sweden Dec 2017
Dunlop Industrial Technology Netherlands Jun 2018
Iver TMT Sweden Apr 2018
BBS Automation Industrial Technology Germany May 2018
IP-Only TMT Sweden Jul 2013
Jun 2019
Ellab Industrial Technology Denmark Sep 2019