Active Funds

The list excludes active funds currently in fundraising. Updated 5 October 2020.

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Fund Launch Size Status
EQT Credit II 2013 EUR 845 million Fully Invested
EQT Credit Opportunities III 2017 EUR 1,272 billion Active
EQT Exp Capital II 2007 EUR 474 million Fully Invested
EQT Greater China II 2006 USD 535 million Fully Invested
EQT Infrastructure II 2013 EUR 1,938 billion Fully Invested
EQT Infrastructure III 2016 EUR 4,046 billion Fully Invested
EQT Infrastructure IV 2018 EUR 9,1 billion Active
EQT Mid Market 2013 EUR 1,054 billion Fully Invested
EQT Mid Market Asia III 2016 USD 744 million Active
EQT Mid Market Europe 2017 EUR 1,616 billion Active
EQT Mid Market US 2015 USD 695 million Fully Invested
EQT Mid-Market Credit 2016 EUR 530 million Active
EQT Mid-Market Credit II 2017 EUR 1,791 million Active
EQT Real Estate I 2017 EUR 373 million Fully Invested
EQT Real Estate II 2018 EUR 1 bn Active
EQT Ventures 2016 EUR 505 million Fully Invested
EQT Ventures II 2019 EUR 660 million Active
EQT VI 2011 EUR 4,815 billion Fully Invested
EQT VII 2015 EUR 6,853 billion Fully Invested
EQT VIII 2018 EUR 10,91 billion Fully Invested

EQT VI is not managed or operated by the EQT AB Group, however, the EQT AB Group is entitled to revenues from EQT VI.