EQT Network

EQT has a global Network comprising experienced Advisors, who are current or former business executives of major international corporations and successful companies, in a variety of industries

The EQT Network comprises entrepreneurs, managers and experts who contribute skills relevant to the various investment and ownership phases. EQT Advisors are actively involved in deal analysis and commercial DD, often chairpersons or board members of portfolio companies and crucial to the value creation process. 

A differentiator in supporting change

The Advisors are true differentiators in supporting change, performance and growth in portfolio companies, and also provide key strategic guidance in sourcing and analyzing potential investments. During EQT funds’ ownership, the Advisors provide a vital source of competence to the portfolio companies, as board members and by supporting their strategic, operational and financial development. The EQT Network is organized to mirror EQT’s focus sectors (Healthcare, TMT, Services, Industrial Technology and Consumer) and the respective subsectors, thereby ensuring the most relevant industrialists can deliver optimum support to portfolio companies and to EQT.

Broad knowledge sharing

EQT holds regular Network meetings, providing a forum for broad knowledge sharing and professional development, as well as ensuring that the Advisors and the Investment Advisory Teams act in accordance with EQT’s investment objectives and principles. New Advisors are continuously added to the network, to ensure that relevant knowledge and competencies are available. New network members are invited to serve on the Board of Directors of an EQT portfolio company, or to act as consultants on investment projects. 

The EQT Network is one of the most important building blocks of EQT’s business model and a vital part of the firm’s DNA. The scope of EQT’s network is a differentiator and has been a key competitive advantage that adds true value across the platform of investment strategies. As EQT continues to grow, active measures are being taken to ensure that the network is continually developed and remains ahead of the curve.  

Below please find some examples of EQT Advisors