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EQT Network

A network comprising more than 500 core advisors who are current or former business executives or entrepreneurs of major international corporations and successful companies in a variety of industries.

The EQT Network is a key competitive advantage for EQT that adds tremendous value to the portfolio companies. The Network consist of more than 500 advisors who are established business leaders with experience from different industries and regions from around the world – all contributing skills relevant to the various investment and ownership phases. They are an integral part of EQT's business model, providing competence from operational and strategic issues in their fields of expertise.

A vital part of our DNA

The EQT Network is one of the most important building blocks of EQT’s business model and a vital part of our DNA. The scope of EQT’s network is a differentiator and has been a key competitive advantage that adds true value across the platform of investment strategies: Private Capital, Real Assets and Credit. Our Advisors are true differentiators in driving change, performance and growth in the portfolio companies and are also strategically important when sourcing and analyzing potential investments.

During EQT's ownership, the EQT Advisors provide a vital source of competence to the portfolio companies by supporting their strategic, operational and financial development as board members. As a majority of the advisors have been part of the EQT Network for many years, and several have served as CEOs or board members of EQT portfolio companies before, they have accumulated experience of helping companies grow through the EQT corporate governance model.

As the firm continues to grow, we’re taking active measures to safeguard that the network is developed accordingly ensuring we stay ahead of the curve. EQT holds regular network meetings, providing a forum for broad knowledge-sharing and professional development as well as ensuring that the EQT Network and the Investment Advisory teams act in unison with EQT’s investment objectives and principals. New advisors are continuously added to the network to ensure that relevant knowledge and competencies are available.